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  1. I think there is a balance in everything. I even think working hard exists even when you hang the money.

    Pleasure can coincide with hard work as much as stress is still a part of enjoyable work.

    My first thoughts were of parents…it’s the most difficult job in the world. You don’t get paid for it and no matter how much you enjoy it, stress exists.

    No lifestyle is perfect. But a balance and a flow can be found in both.

    • I think many lifestyles are perfect Tess and some work very stressful…the difference is the person making the choice. There’s work and there’s work, there’s life and there’s life and it’s up to us to live it our way that makes us feel alive. Why stress and struggle? There’s options a-plenty out there.

  2. Beautifully said. Sometimes we fall in the trap that we work now so we can enjoy our time 40 years later. However, sad is the day when many people end up never making it to that point. They look back on their life and can only see the hard and unrewarding time they put into jobs they would never have chosen again had they the choice.

    Life is too short to put up with a career that only rewards you monetarily. It’s never too late to change or improve. Enjoy the time we have.


    • Personally Bryan (and it is only personally) I don’t see the sense in permanent busting a gut to get a few weeks vacation per year and the odd break from the whitenoise of the world when there are many other ways to work and exist. I’m showing here that there’s never just one way to earn your pay or make your way in this life. YOU choose because, as you say, in reality life is all too quick.

  3. Hey John,

    My perspective: I work hard so I can have the life I want for myself and my family. So while climbing the corporate can be a pain in the ass, it does give me the flexibility to be, well, flexible with my life – and there’s value in that!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts John.


    • You said it Alex, “the life I want for myself”. Whatever life we live needs to be one we truly want, then the body, mind, and spirit are all aligned and balanced and having a great time. You’ve got one big key right there.

  4. It’s amazing how big the gap can be between intrinsic and market value.

    The trick though is that value is in the eye of the beholder.

    One of my best insights early on in life was to “drive from your lifestyle.” At the end of the day, work has to align with your values, and your lifestyle or it will be a perpetual conflict that erodes your quality of life.

  5. The work I am doing is finally aligned with my beliefs, passion and purpose. It can’t be about the money. Yes, I would like to make some (soon) ha ! but there has to be more. And now there is.

    Thanks for all you do, John. Your support and great writing help a lot.


    • And you’re doing it plus it’s not so much work for you as a meaning Al! It’s a pleasure to be there when I can. Some folks are working at caring, you, on the other hand, are caring at work. Big!!

  6. Work is over rated! We live in such an amazing world with so many beautiful places to see and things to learn. Why our society has created the 5 days 9 hour work week is beyond me. When you actually stop and think about what you will most in life when your gone none of it will be relevant to work, it will be family, friends and love.

    • Hi Brian, work had become over important for me only in the way it’s approached i.e. 9-5 and making a living rather than following joys and pleasures using our heart and talents. Thing is either way we all can argue that we’re doing it for family and friends etc. Pity we don’t put ourselves at the head of the equation enough. Good to see you Brian, like your thoughts a lot!!!

  7. John,

    What a true and wonderful observation.

    People, myself included, go after things for the wrong reason. We frantically are in pursuit of things that don’t really matter. We seek to have things that make us look like we are doing better than others when the truth is we are dying slowly on the inside. The wise man is a man who seeks understanding and purpose for himself not for others. With this post you have the potential to awaken others to a life free from WORK and full of opportunity. This was a great observation John. I hope the world gets a chance to read it.

    • You’re a kind man Frank and a wise one too because you capture the ethic here perfectly – many working but “dying slowly on the inside”. That’s where it’s at, the inside, where it matters and where our true work nestles for us to recognise it. I wish you and everyone else wonderful work. As for the world, tell them for me would you? ;)

  8. Love this John. I want to move where you live. Sounds wonderful and fun. When it comes to work, if you are not enjoying it and having some fun, you are doing the wrong thing.

    The world is out of control and balance I believe. We have forgot what is important. We work, acquire monetary goods and stuff. Than we die and our children have to sort through the junk!

    I would rather my children go to this cafe your talking about and listen to my old friends talk about me and laugh at the great memories of me than go to my house and go through my stuff and junk and wonder “Why I every kept that think there not even sure what it is.”

    We work to live, not live to work. The simple life is a great way of life. I still want to live where you do. Sounds divine.
    Blessing always,

    • It’s the reason I just moved here Debbie. Coastal chill out; parents take their kids to the beach after school and meet others rather than computer hell at home, people walk from dawn till dusk and cafes stay open late to accomodate. Everyone, like me, drawn to a spot in the world that matches how we want to live. And that’s it – I decided how to live and we found each other! So, if you want to join in get thinking of such a lifestyle and see what happens. It works…and that’s real work in action. Tomorrow breakfast as the sun crests the headland..how awesome is that????

  9. Dia

    Hi John,

    I like this post! Some work for the money, some work for the pleasure and some work for both. The best model is to work for pleasure and make money doing it. ;) Thanks for sharing John, great post my friend

    • Perhaps Dia, but it’s also HOW you work. You can work for fun and for dough but if you’re forever working and doing long hours I don’t see much joy in that. It’s more for me working at enjoying how we contribute ourselves with our role in life. Then you’re being paid to have fun or to chillax for cash. That I like!

  10. John I really like it a lot! Work is such an important factor in our well-being and happiness. When I was at my happiest was when I worked from home teaching and writing. I have picked up a contract position that is taking much of my time and it’s relatively stressful at times. I am doing this to progress in reach certain aspirations, however I really see a difference in my overall perspective of life. It’s funny that I wasn’t able to be totally content before and had to strive for more. In the end I know it will be a positive decision and is just a season in my life, but I can totally connect with what you’re saying here.

    • Good input Joe, some jobs are bridges and stairways to others that DO matter to the soul. The key is not to be trapped too long in them or over dedicate too much energy so as to be burnt out and never full accomplish the goal. Or of course, you could find other routes to the same outcome? There’s more than one way to skin a cat as they say.

  11. Hi John,

    “The world of the chilled out easy going folk” certainly sounds good to me :)

    It is certainly true that most people in western society consider big money and material possessions a true sign of success. We often acquire so much expensive “junk” we don’t know where to put it all, and we become a slave to all that stuff. I used to think that way because I was conditioned to.

    That’s so-called success, but then you have the people who have been out of work for a long time. They just want a job, any job. You could say they have a choice, but many don’t. Most of us are precariously perched on that edge, really.

    With that being said, many people do go after a big job or whatever just to get status, money, and more stuff! Keeping up with the Joneses is still a pervasive mentality, even in this economy. I like what Debbie said below, “We work to live, not live to work.”

    • Very well put Craig and I’m with you on the Western view of ‘making it’, usually big too. For too long we’ve not embraced people loving what they do and foregoing great pay to get great houses to get great status or percieved ‘doing well’. We are doing well when what are doing makes us well and happy and content inside and not based on any society or other person’s consideration of it. We need to be free of what we currently think of as work and encourage the individual to decide!