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  1. Hi,
    I do think we can be born again. Everyday we have 100% of our lives ahead of us. I do think it’s always helpful to have some kind of support, a friend, coach, family member, mentor etc. There are times we can see our own stuff and need input or second set of eyes.

    The cheeky little devil is alive and kickin’ in me.
    It’s great to see how much you’ve over come. Yes anyone can be born again in which ever way works for them.

  2. One of life’s biggest blessings is the opportunity to be reborn during our own lifetime – and we have this opportunity more than once. It really is an incredible blessing! Far too many people don’t know (1) that they can let go of the past can create anew (2) don’t know how.
    I love that you share that it is possible & you’ve done it. And you share the steps to take so others have a roadmap.
    I do find the forgive & forego to be one of the toughest things to do, but giving thanks (gratitude) and loving more can really open the doors to the deeper levels of forgiving, letting go, and moving forward.

    • You’re probably right Aileen that it’s the toughest because it makes the biggest difference and leads to liberation. It’s our own Berlin Wall until we tear it down.

  3. What a wonderful story John. I would say I was born again. I was born again the day I chose to let go and I ended up saying “enough is enough”. I am not from a religious background and I ended up leaving my husband who was highly religious. I ended up becoming very spiritual through the process though. A high state of awareness physically and emotionally. I guess I would call this my “freeing” process. However, life is all about continuing to learn. I will never say I know “all” now. I do realize now that everything happens in Divine time…and that the universe has my back as long as I trust and continue letting go.

    • A very brave move Kenya to shed a skin that wasn’t you to live butterfly style amid a more coloured life of your creating. And when you’re free there’s no going back or desire to, right?

  4. John, I am so sad to read about your unhappiness at that time but SO THANKFUL that you did not end your life and chose to be ‘reborn again’ – a beautiful concept and the more consciously I live, the more I realize that I have taken an awakening path and while it was not as deep as being reborn again, I can appreciate the changes I have undergone as a result of my own conscious choices. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on so many intimate topics here for us. I feel closer to you as a friend and you know that you have a thriving supportive community here that is delighted to have you as a part of it.

    • Farnoosh, a supportive friend and mentor you most certainly are. I’ve learned from your love for people and your warm joy of spirit which only goes to prove even more so that staying around to live was a wonderful decision of mine. You are awake and alive and thriving and that’s the greatest inspiration we can often give to others. To your happiest life Farnoosh!

  5. The title of your post caught my attention right away! I have often compared the fundamental changes I went through in my life (from fear to joy) as being born again. I totally get this concept!

  6. John,

    I’m humbled by your transparency – and courage.The world is better because you are with us today. Thank your for being a living example of hope.

    My best always,


    • Bless you Alex, I’m honest because it means I’m honest first to myself. That alone alows us to face our lesser lives and elements and re-start a process of renewal towards the true person inside. And that has always been the easier for me due to your constant input, insight, and inspiration. I salute you Alex for being the genuine soul that you are!

  7. Hi John,

    I really like the theme of this post and you provide wonderful tips. To start over and move forward we need to work through any shame and guilt we are harboring. By doing so we can start finding greater positivity and noticing the good things in life. From here we can start building the life we desire and strive to become the person we want to be. To me it comes down to finding positivity through a sense of purpose, meaning, joy, and gratitude. These types of experiences can give us a new sense of life.

    • I agree Joe, “Purpose, meaning, joy and gratitude”. You talk both sense and wisdom. But first we need to leave the old life, the non-us behind. That, in itself, the re-birth, allows the majestys you describe to come to life as we do. Be well my friend and keep your light shining.

  8. Hi John. So glad the pain is in the past.

    The wonderful thing about life is that anytime we stumble down the wrong path, we can once more reinvent ourselves. At some point, we want to be solidly on a given path, but the potential is always present nonetheless. And that potential for perpetual rebirth provides a sense of hope and comfort as we leap into the dark in faith, usually not knowing or being able to predict where we will land.

    Important inspiration and courageous openness, John.

    Thank you.

    • We are like the salmon returning to their birth Ken; meandering, pushing against the tide, searching, but always being called inside to return to their original state. We often will take wrong turns on our journey to our true selves but, when we realise that WE are the map, we find the route to our personal Shangri-La and realise what we were looking for was always right where we are. It is us!

  9. Thanks for sharing that side of your life, John. It is a very powerful for us all. The Authentic Self loves nothing more to be born and reborn again and again. Creating and expressing higher and higher versions of ourselves is something we can continually aspire to do. The past is dead and the present is fertile ground upon which to plant the seeds for the future. Persist with the recognitions of the above truths and we will be re-born and re-created when we are re-minded of our unlimitedness.

    • Rob, you always nail it down and this time is no exception, superb comments again! Yes, the past can never be re-lived but the future can be welcomed especially when we re-awaken ourselves with it, meaning re-birth is re-connection to our true inner individual and our meant-to-be awesome destiny. Re-birth is returning to our self!

  10. Hello John,

    You simply can’t go wrong with Forgetting and Foregoing, Making Peace, Giving Thanks, Loving More and Aspiring. In fact, what you’d be surprised to learn is that this is what many religious teach in order to be born-again. Not in these specific words of course, but in ideology.

    I’ve been reborn again. Being that I’m a Christian and that plays a huge part in my life I can’t say that religion hasn’t played a part – because by default it has. I think we can be reborn a thousand times if we so choose. But sadly, many people don’t think they have that power within them. I think people can be reborn without religion, but I do think it’s a different type of rebirth that happens…if that makes any sense!

    Great post John. Your reminders of the power of life are ALWAYS relative for everyone. EVERYONE!

    Thank you friend!

    • Jk a re-birth is different for everyone religion based or not but what really matters is that people know they can start anew, become another spark of creation, and awaken a fresher soul that feels alive and liberated. It’s always my pleasure to see you here JK and that’s one thing that’s never going to change. You always bring more than you get man!

  11. Corey

    I had previously gone through some deeply rough emotional times myself quite recently. Coming across this blog, it reminded me much of a facebook post I had put I had put up just the other day myself:

    “I have finally come to the realization that I have been hiding my fears and my sorrows (even hiding them from myself) holding onto only the happy moments. That’s when I realized… who I am today can’t be chosen from any assortment of memories that I can pick and choose from: I am an accumulation of every memory, of every experience, that has ever happened to me (whether it be positive or negative). But that I shouldn’t only embrace the positive experiences, and run from the negative ones; but rather UNDERSTAND, ACCEPT, EMBRACE, and perhaps most importantly LEARN from ALL experiences in my life, the good and the bad. For only all together do they form who I have been up until this moment. And that’s when I came to another realization: that although while I am unable to alter any of these past experiences to better suit who I am today, I AM in fact ABLE to shape who I will become. For who we will become is shaped by the way we wish to interpret as well as learn from ALL there is in the past, and how we wish to implement what we have learned towards the future.

    Essentially, in it’s simplest of forms: we are and forever will be what we ascertain from the past. Every single encounter we have ever had has lead us all right here: to this one very moment we call the “present.” Fact of the matter is we may have thought we had everything figured out, but life is a learning experience from which we draw something new EVERY DAY. Every day is a chance to learn anew. With that said, don’t ever forget who you are, never lower your morals, virtues, or dreams for anybody (not even “to make it easier” on yourself), but take in all you have learned (the positive experiences just as much as the negative ones): and now use these to shape YOUR OWN PERSONAL future.

    I say these words not just for myself, nor for the one’s who specifically brought me to this realization, but to everybody. To put my two-cents in on this never-ceasing learning journey.”

    With that said, just as the author of this blog John said himself: once you finally come to the realization that you are ready to start anew, you must be ready to aspire. Don’t be afraid to reach out and tell others what you’ve been through, and how you made it through, for you never know how many lives you can touch. And to the other of this blog: thank you as well for sharing, and reaching out to teach others to teach themselves.

    • Thank you Corey for talking openly about your experiences and emotions – you will have helped many others through doing this just by showing that others are and have gone through what they are facing…what you have faced. But, we do come out the other side and begin to slowly see and feel and desire a better future. Tough times may not be the making of us, but they don’t have to be the breaking of us either! I wish you well and appreciate you wonderful words and sentiments to uplift others. May your Christmas be bright and your future even brighter!!