17 Responses to “We’re All A Somebody, We’re All A Nobody”


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  1. These are always my fav posts of yours John. You should call them ‘Walking with John’, because their reflective nature and pensive style are simply magical.

    Thanks so much for allowing me to sit back and imagine this morning.


    • Nice one Marcus, interesting feedback. Actually I decided to do them as I think we all love snapshots on life and sometimes just prefer to read something lighter. Plus I get to ride the world, people watch, and chill out!

  2. Hey John,
    We were on vacation in London last year and taking one of the city’s many wonderful tours. The tour guide was a big star 20 years earlier in a very popular Masterpiece Theater production. She was pleased to be recognized.

    • Perhaps because she was working or ‘was’ a star Riley that she welcomed the recognition – the one I saw was on a day off from being well known simply being herself so she was as normal as all the others on the street and saught only to be that. No matter how many people are on the planet we all have moments we stand out and moments when we fade into the background. It’s a good thing!

  3. I agree with Marcus ” You should call them ‘Walking with John’, because their reflective nature and pensive style are simply magical.”

    I love these life observations you make & share. Wonderful pearls of wisdom. They’d make a great life book :) Book title….”Walking with John”

    • You’ve both got me thinking now. Maybe I’ll start recording more of my observations ‘as I go’. Wisdoms from the street are more powerful I think because we can see them ourselves and they show that everywhere, including down our way, amazing insights occur every single day. Thank you Aileen (and Marcus) let’s see how they go……….

  4. Fantastic work on this one John! This read poetic-like, and imagery-filled. And the point..the point was well and clear.

    We’re always somebody…even when the reality is that we’re a nobody in the lights of others. Because to other others, we’re a somebody.

    John – thanks for keeping us reminded about how important we are – even if the world doesn’t always show it. The messages that you deliver always pack a punch of appreciation for being who I am.

    • Glad the message got through Jk that we’re all as special or as invisible as they next guy. But that never alters the unique soul we are, as you say, “We’re a somebody”. Nobody needs to forget this!

  5. John,

    This was DEEP. It was short, extremely powerful, and thought provoking. I don’t even know what to say. It is rare that I am a lost for words. What a great paradox! Even a nobody is a somebody in someone eyes. WOW John. This is my favorite read of the week.

  6. John:: I thought this was a great observation and it really drove home the point for me that although we are all unique in our own ways, when it comes down to it, we are more alike than we are different. Really interesting post and observation.

    • The more you look Sibyl the more we’re all the same – all somebodies, all nobodies, all humans with names and feelings. It will always be so.

  7. Ah, I do enjoy these posts John, I can close my eyes and picture myself walking with you as you describe what you see. That’s the beauty of these observation posts.

    People love to view the world through the eyes of another, and the fact that you describe this so well will only help you in getting more people to read your observation posts. They’ll read, and they’ll thank you for being open, honest and true :-)

    • The why don’t we walk together one day Stuart, observe life and the world, and create a co-post? Never read a co-post before where we jointly write it and both post it on each other’s blogs on the same day. How about it??

      • Now that would be interesting John, thanks for bringing this to light.

        Here’s another idea, how about we both write our own posts based on our individual observations from walking together? So people can see two different viewpoints of the same experiences? :-)