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  1. It’s all so exciting John! I love it! Welcome to 100% champions sounds like a great idea and just up your street!

    I have started a few new lives, a couple of times with partners that didn’t last the course, and once alone. That was the most fun, as I made some amazing new friends, and discovered that I actually didn’t like living alone after all!

    You know you have everything that it takes to make this new start a fabulous new you, as you continue to let go of who you have been, and embrace who you are becoming! I’m excited for you, and look forward to sharing the journey!

    Debra x

    • Aah, bless you Debra. I do fell well armed for the new start. After all you either look at all that’s gone and lost or your open your mind and heart to all the majesty and brilliance that will come. You can guess which one I’m choosing.

  2. Well good luck John. It sounds exciting and scary at the same time which tells me you are out of the comfort zone and that’s a good thing. That is where real growth has the opportunity to show itself. And I think it’s going to revitalize your blog.

  3. Dia

    Hi John,
    Sound like a good move for you. Change is good sometimes, especially if it is for the better. Follow what you love doing my friend. Wish you luck with your new adventure.

    • Thank you Dia for your constant support. A new adventure indeed, in fact it’s all new and that just has to bring some amazing things along the way. New = life changing.

  4. I’ll be following to see where your journey leads. I hope you post lots of pictures and let us who you meet along the way.

  5. Good luck and God bless, John. Love the name, “Welcome to 100% champions. Glad you will be continuing this blog. You are an awesome writer and I look forward to reading you for a long time. Take care.


  6. What an awesome new blog to come. I’m not sure what sports motivation is but it sure sounds good. Yes I’m glad you’re keeping this blog. Love your style and honesty.

    • And I love your energy and boldness Tess – what a love in! The new blog will be from my (sporting) heart to help everyday sports people live the mental champion spirit in their chosen game or field to ramp up their self-belief. It’s what I always did and now is the time I did it again. After all….we’re all champions!!

  7. John,

    I admire you! Walk strong, be proud and know we are grateful you sharing your new life with us because its a reminder we can always do the same.

    Love always,


    • My head’s held high Alex for all I’ve done and all I now seek to accomplish. Your support helps me keep on that straight and narrow my friend – you are true gold for me. Bless you for being you Alex!

  8. Congratulations on moving on!

    It takes guts to see when what once was, is no more, and to go out and make your new life happen.

    > changing face of world finances has altered the economics of the working market where I live
    I think more and more people will be blindsided by this. I’m tempted to write in detail the patterns I’ve seen on this, and the trends I think we’ll see.

    > re-awaken this sleeping giant
    Great move waking the giant!

    • I’ve got a giant need to meet my destiny JD and I won’t finding in a small provincial town anymore. My place is in a space with my name on it in a world simply waiting for me to stride towards it. So I am….

  9. John: You made some very good points here. A new beginning isn’t supposed to be crystal clear. You have to figure things out for yourself as you go. I’m also happy that your keeping your blog up and running. You are wonderful at writing inspiring post full of motivation and it would completely suck if you stopped now that I’m just getting involved in your community!

    Keep up the good work!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • I think I’ve figured out the next week William but after that………What I DO know is I’m not leaving the blogging community. It’s too much like home!

  10. HI John, Welcome to new beginnings! It’s a lovely opportunity to paint your picture (New life/style) like you said you can’t be 100 percent clear on every thing. I guess its the same as painting a picture, You have to go through the motions and enjoy :)

    Be well John, Blessing

    • Hi LLoyd, great to see you my friend. I like the picture analogy, I’m no artist but I know what the finished article should look like. Now I just need to craft it. This is the first step…

  11. I recall you saying this when we spoke John, and I completely agree with you. If your heart says it’s time for a fresh start, then it’s time for a fresh start!

    I wish you all the best for your move and beyond, and know that no matter what else happens, there will always be people there to support you :-)

    • Stuart, the heart is the art of happy living. Listen to it, let it guide you, and more happiness than hassle is likely. I can’t ignore mine anymore. And I appreciate your support which lifts my spirits no end. Godspeed Stuart.

  12. ayo

    hello john
    i trust that things will work out for your good and i will be cheering you in all you do.
    what part of london would you be visiting please? may be we can meet up for an early breakfast on a saturday in a central cafe ( if it’s possible)
    let me know.
    take care

    • Hey Ayo, thank you my friend. My new adventures have commenced and I’m currently staying in Paddington in London – be great to meet for nosh one morning to spend time with Mr Smile!!

  13. kati

    I know what you feel. I am on the same page now: just changing my life. Did I have a bad experience that made me do so?
    I had a bad relationship that was stopping me from living my life fully. Besides that I became too attached to some things. And also I had my dreams that were planned to become true. And here I am. I moved to New York city. I want to meet new people, to get a new profession, to change my day schedule, stop to consuming so much alcohol maybe. I am sure in a while it would be fun. It cannot be other way.

    • Hi Kati, I think you are being very courageous starting again but also caring towards yourself to leave a relationship that doesn’t provide the love your heart deserves. New start, new place, New York, new you! Well done, your life may just have begun!!!

  14. I have not discoverd who I am yet.

    Well I to am starting a new life, I leave in less than a week. I leave everything I know behind. I leave behind an ex-wife, a wonderful 5 year old son, a grandmother, and a sister.

    My grandmother, sister, and my son, are the only people left in my current life that I have any feelings for. I know that is a very harsh comment but it’s the truth nonetheless.

    It will be most difficult to leave my son behind but he will be perfectly fine with his mother.

    I will be following your blog while I undertake my own journey and I wish you the best of luck along with nothing but success and growth in whatever paths you follow.

    Walk a mile in my shoes, see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, THEN maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do, ’till then don’t judge me.

    • Daniel your journey is your own but it sounds like you perceive you will be judged on it. Perhaps you will by some but it IS your life so live it as you see and feel it because we only get one. What’s great is you’re living it honestly and many a person could take a leaf out of that book. I wish you well and I wish you happiness. Best of luck.

  15. Hi john, i recently lost my husband. Since his death, my adult children have stopped speaking to me. So, i was looking for some hope, and came upon your blog. I must inform you, that right after i began reading your story, i was totally lifted back into the positive side of looking at life. And boy, have i missed that, cause i am a positive person anyway. Let me say thank you for being who you are. And im gratefull to you, for your words. Keep smiling and let all of us be inspired by you!!! Lois

    • Lois, I am so glad to meet you and thank you so much for leaving a comment. I am so sorry to hear of your loss but my heart warms to hear that you are taking the sunny side of the street in life as a result. Such difficult times can help us re-invest in our lives ahead armed with the love of those we have lost and I’m sure your husband would be proud of you as you continue to make your way in this life with your head and heart held high. Godspeed and sending you all the love in the world xx

  16. Linda

    I lost my husband three years ago in August.. I thought I was always a strong person, I know now, I’m not . I’m one of ten children worked all my life married for 32 years to find out , I was left with nothing but hurt, pain,lies and left bills I never knew I was responsible for.

    I should have died first, I at least had lefe insurance, he did not. The affairs he had came out of the closet after his burial. I have want to just disappear from life, start over. I know the government will not allow this.
    I pray daily for an answer. there is none. My daughter is a single mother of three amazing children 5,5, & 8.

    I cannot expect her to help , it’s hard for her to deal with daily thing , bills, illnesses, car repairs, insurance , house payments.

    I know we have an awesome God, just wonder why the good ones great the bigger hurt./ I have no clue what to do,

    Reading your Post ,you are strong, and I’m so happy for You, I just want to be able to live again. Maybe another year if i can help my daughter without causing her more harm. . At 63 I should be looking forward to life. A life I no longer have, Friend We had , I don’t have anymore they hate I’m not strong. Good Luck on your future You have one
    . lj

    • Linda, I’m so sorry to read of your loss, the pain, I’m sure, is deep and intense at all that has taken place. I can’t begin to know what you are going through but you mentioned that I am strong. That is true, today, but for a long time I was lost, hurting, broken, and in a dark place. But, my will to live, the knowledge that those who have gone and those who still are in my life would hurt to see me not living my own life. That is what has led me to smile today where I once cried in desperation all alone.

      I hope those who care and love you can help you through what must be a terrible struggle and I will leave you with my thoughts one day as I held a knife over my wrist to end it all, “Would anyone miss me? Why not leave all my troubles behind and be free at last? What’s the point of staying when so much is wrong?”. The answer was to write a blog like this to help others suffering as I was. Today, yes is awful, but one day you too could help someone’s life and make your own worthwhile in doing so. I send you all the love in the world and thank you for reaching out. Keep reaching, the world will gradually come to your door. Hang in there, this too will pass. Be blessed, truly blessed Linda xx

  17. Patricia Bell

    John. How inspiring your blog is… I’ve read so much about new life. And having only one.. I am now in the process of selling up, moving to a new town a few hundred miles away… hopefully before xmas..
    The feeling of excitment then the scared what ifs… but I know I need to do this, although I won’t be going alone, my husband will be coming too… I have a brother who as already done this and he is flying high after two years. He’s settled, has a nice place and choses his own jobs and how much he wants to work,
    Starting a new life and leaving the rat race behind. Trying to think of the life I want to lead keeps me going to my horrible job. My demanding boss who doesnt have a heart… I just can’t wait…. so the house goes up for sale today.. and my adventure begins.. good luck john with living life the way you want it.