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  1. Great observation, John. Whenever we resent in others we resent in ourselves. A great change happened in me when I stopped resenting people with money and started feeling happy for their success. A great transformation will occur when the same folks that resent the jet-set, one day find themselves intrigued and happy for them… it simply means they are beginning to see their own marvelous capacity to create a fabulous life.

  2. Nice analogy. I am ready and taking action as a high flyer :)

  3. Love this John. “You can board the plane, or remain plain bored” Wow !

    I am Boarding the plane, John. Thanks.


  4. Meg

    John, you always have such great analogies and observations. I plan to join the high flyers. I want to board the plane as much as I can! Frequent flyer miles here I come! :)

  5. Hi John,

    Wonderfully said! One of the most powerful realizations is when we recognized how much of our identity, beliefs, and expectations for life are conditioned. We can be very closed off to certain ideas simply from how we were conditioned to be. I think the more unique and novel experiences we have the better. Particularly this day in age, everyone should take time to travel and explore the world, and be open to the many opportunities that are so much more accessible. You are so right about how people can get set in their ways and how this limits what they believe to be possible.

  6. Got to love this one John. Very well put, “You can board the plane or remain plain bored.” I am boarding the plane and yes, I would appreciate the champagne!

    Actually there is a little rebel in me so I have to be honest. I have ride the smaller planes, but yes, now I am ready to enjoy those larger ones first class.
    Blessing to you John and thank you for the smile on my face as I type this comment.

  7. Wow “Their experiences were our risks, their fun was our waste, their enjoyment our future price to pay.”
    That’s a huge reality check. I’ve just written this on one of my much loved post-it notes to keep aware of this truth.

  8. John, you shown it on your comment at Marcus’ place (which he featured on his latest post), and you shown it again here. What have you shown? Your incredible handling of the English language!

    I love reading your work John, you delicately balance words whilst mixing them into a wonderful recipe for blogging success. Top notch!

    Hope you’re enjoying Wimbledon this year :-)

    • Glad about that Stuart as it’s the only langauge I can speak (though do the odd gibberish and gobbledigook). I just try to get into the feeling first before I start writing, always find that it powers the pen more than thinking it out. And if Marcus says it’s great then I’m chuffed major time coming from him!!!!

  9. Closed minds are like closed mouths, they don’t get feed. We have to open up our minds and open up our mouths, if we want to be have and do more. It’s AN open mind that changes the WORLD!

    • “It’s an open mind that changes the world”. Yea Jonathan, love that ideology. We need to stop playing with life through our personal mind games. Open them, have fun, unwrap our Christmas present spirit.

  10. Hehe, I like your analogies. In the end, we all want to join the mile high club I suppose. Until then, I’ll be riding this twin engined Sesna right to the top baby. Turbulence may be a little rough but its nothing this captain hasn’t handled before. Helps to know we all got a little bit of that in us.



    • Hey Adam, you could also dump the Cesna and begin riding a bigger jet and get twice the fun? And tons more champagne! Check in is open 24 hrs a day…..