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  1. What a terrific idea. It is so easy to play small and forget the impact we have on others. Keep inspiring. Om

  2. Thanks John ~ you’re a smashing inspiration ~ this would be an hour or two well-spent. When we turn on our auto-pilot, doing the things we do, working to meet our next goal, we can sometimes forget that the things we do are bringing goodness to this world every day. Thanks for the reminder.
    :) Jane

    • John

      You are more than welcome Jane – and I know something you’ve done in the last day that is inspring and uplifting. Leaving a comment as cracking as this on here. You always add far more than with your words and insights Jane. Be loved and loving!

  3. Wonderfully powering, and empowering exercise John. Count me in! I can’t wait to see what the past ten days reveal for me and my confidence.


  4. Hi John,
    This is terrific advice. When we go through the last ten days and see how capable we truly are and how much value we have shared with others we will certainly build our confidence Thank you!

    • John

      Ten days, one year, our whole life, it’s all the same, we make a difference! I know you do Angela.

  5. Hi John,
    I love the concept of short term goals. Sometime doing something for a month is beyond my level of serious intention or commitment. Doing something for just 10 days often leads to another 10 days then another 10 days and there you are, you’ve done it for a month.

    • John

      Good points Riley, short bite size chunks are easier but still get the same results here. Nice one!

  6. Hi John, as usual you manage to lift my spirits whenever I happen to be feeling a bit low. It is so true that in our daily efforts to beat ourselves up, we often forget how we add to the lives of others…even in small ways. I have also had days where a smile from a stranger can uplift me to a higher platform from which my outlook for the day looks a whole lot better. Looking back over the last 10 days I can see that I have, in turn, smiled at lots of people even on a bad day. So thanks John,for ‘raising me up’ as the song goes.

    • John

      Boy, if you are a smiler Rosemary you are touching and changing so many lives every single day. It really lifts people’s mood so please keep changing the face of the Earth by lighting up your face with a smile for others. And remember, what you give you get back. So here’s one just for you. :)

  7. John,

    This is a outstanding exercise that I can’t wait to do. Just mentally reviewing it has given me a great burst of confidence. I immediately reviewed my actions from yesterday when I was teaching my son how to do double digit addition. He was so frustrated and so angry because he didn’t get the concept. After using simple concepts, like counting cookies, to help him understand he can now do those problems with ease. I changed my son’s life by inspiring him to keep going even when he didn’t get it the first time and that boosted my confidence. Great job John.

    • John

      You know Frank, I think your son will always remember the day he learnt to count with Dad and a pile of cookies. An awe inspiring way to do it, brilliant! So you are making a difference that will last his lifetime and it’s even touched mine. You can’t beat a person who achieves that.

  8. Amazing John! A brilliant idea for celebrating our successes, which we really need to do more often.

    I look at a lot of people and they seem to be constantly plugging away at having more and more, never slowing down long enough to savour the things they’ve earned. Maybe, if they look at what they have, and its value, they will realise they have enough. Enough to occupy them, sustain them, entertain them, and help them realise that they have gained more triumphs than they previously realised.

    Let’s celebrate our lives John! Let’s rejoice in the blessings! :-)

    • John

      Let’s celebrate indeed Stuart – I’ll book the party, you invite the guests!! Yep, it’s true whole heaps of the world are chasing, having, and wanting more and never reflect on the trail they are leaving i.e. greed, selfishness, etc. I personally want to leave a finer legacy so this exercise doubles for not only for lifting my confidence but also checking what I’m putting out into life. It’s always worth taking a rain check!

  9. Dia

    Hi John,

    This is a wonderful exercise my friend, I like it :) We can impact many lives John and sometimes we might not know it. What gives me confidence? The fact that I’m (as we all are) a true gift to the world gives me confidence ;) I believe that we have got to love ourselves John. The more we love ourselves, the more confidence we have. It is all internal work. I believe in the law that says, “As within so without.” Thanks my friend for sharing Great post :)

    • John

      Dia, superb job using the love as a barometer for confidence. The more the love the greater the confidence the better the world – wow, what a way to go!

  10. John, it’s always a pleasure reading your work, man. And I had no idea you were a tennis coach. I think confidence-building is one of those things that we might feel like an idiot with at first, but if we keep telling ourselves positive things – TRUTHS – we eventually do catch on to believing them. Thanks for sharing!

    • John

      Oh yes Bryan, with you all the way. When we are real and truthful to ourselves and about ourselves so much can grow from that; all the best things. Constant reviewing and reflecting helps us remain true to who we are and thus gives us confidence to share that person with the world for it’s and our best. Great to see you Bryan.